Alice Pasquini - Salerno (IT) on Flickr.

Finished work in Salerno for Fondazione Alfonso Gatto ( ).

Inspired by the poetry of 20th century author Alfonso Gatto, who was born in Salerno in 1909 and was known for his hermetic poetry.

when will you realize unicornslut that no one gives a damn about feminists or your pathetic kind. You are an anal licking leftist fascist who is a failure at life, only thing an anti-women dyke like you is show off your body like a whore, when Rand becomes president your kind will be gone, you won't reply to this message you coward.

— Anonymous


Darling, I honestly believe you may have been brainwashed and a member of a cult. Because this message is more raving than sane.

Please seek help, for your own sake. :/

at first I thought this troll was talking about Ayn Rand and I was like… “Yes love, you need to fear the possibilities of a deceased russian writer becoming President.” then I realized they were talking about Rand Paul… who has slightly less chances of doing so.


"Tanana“ (Orange)

On 16th of september at 4pm (CET) Pretty Portal will release my latest screen print. “Tanana“ is a 5 layer screenprint on 70 x 70cm Somerset Velvet 280gsm. Edition of 90. Signed, numbered and embossed by the artist.

Price: €250.

Please contact for reservations or shop at on the day


Tarantina (Lilac) commission. Stencil, spray and acrylic on 61 x 92cm linen canvas

old white dude on a ladder in flip flops doing graffiti and that ain't cultural appropriation? GTFO!

— Anonymous


"Old white dude"?? … seriously?

That happens to be Mutherfolking Fin DAC! Jesus Christ! Fucking recognize a Master of the craft before you try and come with this Bullshit!

Secondly, what culture is it that he is appropriating? Graf is beyond race. Graf is an art form practiced by the world over. If any “Culture” could lay claim to this style of art, it would be Hip Hop and I seriously doubt you will find many heads that would back you in that ignorant ask.

Get your style on that level, and you can wear flip flops too! 






Racism in its PUREST form.

I mean, let’s be real. Bill O’Reilly is ignorant as fuck. 

Fuckin prick

I love how his introduction card pops up as if O’Reilly’s editors are saying “We don’t agree with him.”


Recreation of Super Mario 64’s famous Bomb Omb Battlefield in game painting.

Artist: Ronan Lynam
Follow him for more!


All I want is education, and I am afraid of no one
Malala Yousafzai


Daryl Feril

on Behance

Daryl Feril is a 24 year-old self taught illustrator & graphic designer from Bacolod City, Philippines. His style is a freestyle mix of edgy hand-drawn sketches, flowing lines, curves, blowing watercolor and digital. He loves drawing girls, typography & vector illustrations.