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Drawn By
Andrew Hickinbottom

*Artist Note
A homage to comic conventions, and a tribute to those brave attendees who cosplay in skimpy outfits!


Oh my god. the cardboard. The escaping hair. This picture is flawed and fucking FLAWLESS because of it.

I don’t always reblog art. But when I do, its a homage to cosplayers, sexy cosplay girlies included. <3

So much love for this illustration.

The little R2 unit bottom right is what made a reblog unavoidable.



America… put your beasts back on their leashes.

We’re not the only ones with police brutality and racism. We’re just the ones with the most coverage (Idek if that made sense, I mean that when it happens it’s usually made into a huge thing) (which it should be)

I understood your point… to a point. But when I made that post it was me as an American requesting that the government which is supposed to represent us, do so.
I was asking as one of what I hope is the majority of it’s citizens who believe that Marshall law and violence against our own people, is not the solution.



one of my favorite things are dresses with hints of gold.

How many followers do you have?

— Anonymous

To be honest alejandro, I kind of don’t keep track, because it fluctuates so much.
Because, one or another images of my lover and I takes off getting notes out of nowhere and my follower count jumps.
Fast forward a few days and those new folks realize that I post art and cute animals as well as the occasional “wake up” posts way more often than I post pics of her beautiful nakedness, and several if not most of them unfollow.
Seeing as how most of them find my blog through one of our BDSM themed sets… I am happy to disappoint them.
Also, I really don’t like saying the actual number of followers, because too many people put too much imphesis on the importance of the number of followers. I have seen trash assed blogs brag about tens of thousands of followers… and seen really outstanding blogs excited about reaching a number of followers, way fewer than I would have thought they had.
Sooo… to not answer your question… I have lots of randoms, a few really awesome people I am glad to have met, and one love of my life! That I count as followers of this blog.


emily by andrei nicolae




Salvador Dali - “a couple with their heads full of clouds”


"Alyssa" by Audrey Kawasaki


"Protests became violent when demonstrators threw a tear gas canister back at the police" will always be one of the clearest example of the fucked up way police violence is naturalized and legitimized.




I apologize to everyone whose grammar I ever corrected before I learned not to be a tool.

your forgiven.

You’re… really sweet to do that. Thanks.